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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Evaluation of phytoplankton quality and toxicity risk based on a long-term time series previous to the implementation of a bivalve farm (Basque coast as a case study)Muniz, Oihane; Revilla, Marta; German Rodriguez, Jose; Seoane, Sergio; Franco, Javier; Orive, Emma; Laza-Martinez, Aitor
2017Effect of trampling and digging from shellfishing on Zostera noltei (Zosteraceae) intertidal seagrass bedsGarmendia, Joxe Mikel; Valle, Mireia; Borja, Angel; Chust, Guillem; Lee, Dae-Jin; German Rodriguez, J.; Franco, Javier
2013Phytoplankton composition indicators for the assessment of eutrophication in marine waters: Present state and challenges within the European directivesGarmendia, Maialen; Borja, Angel; Franco, Javier; Revilla, Marta
2013Connectivity, neutral theories and the assessment of species vulnerability to global change in temperate estuariesChust, Guillem; Albaina, Aitor; Aranburu, Aizkorri; Borja, Angel; Diekmann, Onno E.; Estonba, Andone; Franco, Javier; Iriondo, Mikel; Muxika, Inigo; Rendo, Fernando; German Rodriguez, J.; Ruiz-Larranaga, Otsanda; Valle, Mireia; Garmendia, Joxe M.; Serrao, Ester A.
2012An empirical approach to the determination of metal regional Sediment Quality Guidelines, in marine waters, within the European Water Framework DirectiveMenchaca, Iratxe; Borja, Angel; Jesus Belzunce-Segarra, Maria; Mikel Garmendia, Joxe; Larreta, Joana; German Rodriguez, Jose; Franco, Javier
2012Water quality monitoring in Basque coastal areas using local chlorophyll-a algorithm and MERIS imagesNovoa, Stefani; Chust, Guillem; Froidefond, Jean M.; Petus, Caroline; Franco, Javier; Orive, Emma; Seoane, Sergio; Borja, Angel
2012Eutrophication Assessment in Basque Estuaries: Comparing a North American and a European MethodGarmendia, Maialen; Bricker, Suzanne; Revilla, Marta; Borja, Angel; Franco, Javier; Bald, Juan; Valencia, Victoriano
2011Phytoplankton pigments and epifluorescence microscopy as tools for ecological status assessment in coastal and estuarine waters, within the Water Framework DirectiveSeoane, Sergio; Garmendia, Maialen; Revilla, Marta; Borja, Angel; Franco, Javier; Orive, Emma; Valencia, Victoriano
2019Incidence of plastic ingestion in seabirds from the Bay of Biscay (southwestern Europe)Franco, Javier; Fort, Jerome; Garcia-Baron, Isabel; Loubat, Pauline; Louzao, Maite; del Puerto, Oihane; Zorita, Izaskun
2010Sensitivity Comparison of Laboratory-Cultured and Field-Collected Amphipod Corophium multisetosum in Toxicity TestsMenchaca, Iratxe; Jesus Belzunce, Maria; Franco, Javier; Mikel Garmendia, Joxe; Montero, Natalia; Revilla, Marta