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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A dynamic economic equilibrium model for the economic assessment of the fishery stock-rebuilding policiesDa-Rocha, Jose-Maria; Prellezo, Raul; Sempere, Jaume; Taboada Antelo, Luis
2017Expected economic value of the information provided by fishery research surveysPrellezo, Raul
2017Inclusion of ecological, economic, social, and institutional considerations when setting targets and limits for multispecies fisheriesRindorf, Anna; Dichmont, Catherine M.; Thorson, James; Charles, Anthony; Clausen, Lotte Worsoe; Degnbol, Poul; Garcia, Dorleta; Kempf, Alexander; Levin, Phillip; Mace, Pamela; Maravelias, Christos; Minto, Coilin; Mumford, John; Prellezo, Raul; Punt, Andre E.; Reid, David G.; Stephenson, Robert L.; Thebaud, Olivier; Voss, Ruediger; Hintzen, Niels T.; Pascoe, Sean; Roeckmann, Christine
2017Food for thought: pretty good multispecies yieldRindorf, Anna; Dichmont, Catherine Mary; Levin, Phillip S.; Pascoe, Sean; Prellezo, Raul; Punt, Andre E.; Stephenson, Robert; Ulrich, Clara; Vinther, Morten; Clausen, Lotte Worsoe; Mace, Pamela; Reid, David G.
2017To shape or to be shaped: engaging stakeholders in fishery management adviceSampedro, Paz; Prellezo, Raul; Garcia, Dorleta; Da-Rocha, Jose Maria; Cervino, Santiago; Torralba, Julia; Touza, Julia; Gutierrez, Maria Jose; Garcia-Cutrin, Javier
2018The impact of marine recreational fishing on key fish stocks in European watersRadford, Zachary; Hyder, Kieran; Zarauz, Lucia; Mugerza, Estanis; Ferter, Keno; Prellezo, Raul; Strehlow, Harry Vincent and Townhill, Bryony; Lewin, Wolf-Christian; Weltersbach, Marc Simon
2012Measuring the adaptability of fleet segments to a fishing ban: the case of the Bay of Biscay anchovy fisheryAndres, Margarita; Prellezo, Raul
2012A review of EU bio-economic models for fisheries: The value of a diversity of modelsPrellezo, Raul; Accadia, Paolo; Andersen, Jesper L.; Andersen, Bo S.; Buisman, Erik; Little, Alyson; Nielsen, J. Rasmus; Powell, Jeff; Rockmann, Christine; Poos, Jan Jaap
2018Integrated ecological-economic fisheries models-Evaluation, review and challenges for implementationNielsen, J. Rasmus; Thunberg, Eric; Holland, Daniel S. and Schmidt, Jorn O.; Fulton, Elizabeth A.; Bastardie, Francois and Punt, Andre E.; Allen, Icarus; Bartelings, Heleen; Bertignac, Michel; Bethke, Eckhard; Bossier, Sieme; Buckworth, Rik and Carpenter, Griffin; Christensen, Asbjorn; Christensen, Villy and Da-Rocha, Jose M.; Deng, Roy; Dichmont, Catherine; Doering, Ralf; Esteban, Aniol; Fernandes, Jose A.; Frost, Hans and Garcia, Dorleta; Gasche, Loic; Gascuel, Didier; Gourguet, Sophie; Groeneveld, Rolf A.; Guillen, Jordi; Guyader, Olivier and Hamon, Katell G.; Hoff, Ayoe; Horbowy, Jan; Hutton, Trevor and Lehuta, Sigrid; Little, L. Richard; Lleonart, Jordi and Macher, Claire; Mackinson, Steven; Mahevas, Stephanie; Marchal, Paul; Mato-Amboage, Rosa; Mapstone, Bruce; Maynou, Francesc and Merzereaud, Mathieu; Palacz, Artur; Pascoe, Sean; Paulrud, Anton; Plaganyi, Eva; Prellezo, Raul; van Putten, Elizabeth I. and Quaas, Martin; Ravn-Jonsen, Lars; Sanchez, Sonia; Simons, Sarah; Thebaud, Olivier; Tomczak, Maciej T.; Ulrich, Clara and van Dijk, Diana; Vermard, Youen; Voss, Rudi; Waldo, Staffan
2010Understanding marine ecosystem based management: A literature reviewCurtin, Richard; Prellezo, Raul