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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Skill Assessment of HF Radar-Derived Products for Lagrangian Simulations in the Bay of BiscaySolabarrieta, Lohitzune; Frolov, Sergey; Cook, Mike; Paduan, Jeff; Rubio, Anna; Gonzalez, Manuel; Mader, Julien; Charria, Guillaume
2015Mathematical Modeling of Oscillating Water Columns Wave-Structure Interaction in Ocean Energy PlantsGarrido, Aitor J.; Otaola, Erlantz; Garrido, Izaskun; Lekube, Jon; Maseda, Francisco J.; Liria, Pedro; Mader, Julien
2015OWC Wave Power Plants Capture Chamber ModellingGarrido, Aitor J.; Otaola, Erlantz; Garrido, Izaskun; Lekube, Jon; Liria, Pedro; Mader, Julien
2015Development and Validation of an OWC Capture Chamber Model by means of Measured Experimental DataOtaola, Erlantz; Garrido, Aitor J.; Garrido, Izaskun; Lekube, Jon; Liria, Pedro; Mader, Julien
2013Coastal water circulation response to radiational and gravitational tides within the southeastern Bay of BiscayFontan, Almudena; Saenz, Jon; Gonzalez, Manuel; Rubio, Anna; Mader, Julien; Liria, Pedro; Hernandez, Carlos; Collins, Michael; Esnaola, Ganix; Ganzedo, Unai
2013Surface circulation and Lagrangian transport in the SE Bay of Biscay from HF radar dataRubio, Anna; Solabarrieta, Lohitzune; Gonzalez, Manuel; Mader, Julien; Castanedo, Sonia; Medina, Raul; Charria, Guillaume; Antonio Aranda, Jose
2018Eddy-induced cross-shelf export of high Chl-a coastal waters in the SE Bay of BiscayRubio, Anna; Caballero, Ainhoa; Orfila, Alejandro and Hernandez-Carrasco, Ismael; Ferrer, Luis; Gonzalez, Manuel and Solabarrieta, Lohitzune; Mader, Julien
2010TREND ANALYSIS OF MULTIDECADAL DATASETS OF AIR AND SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURES WITHIN THE SOUTHEASTERN BAY OF BISCAYGonzalez, Manuel; Fontan, Almudena; Borja, Angel; Del Campo, Andrea; Esnaola, Ganix; Ferrer, Luis; Goikoetxea, Nerea; Uriarte, Adolfo; Valencia, Victoriano; Del Campo, Andrea; Mader, Julien
2021Characterization of the wave resource variability in the French Basque coastal area based on a high-resolution hindcastDelpey, Matthias; Lastiri, Ximun; Abadie, Stephane; Roeber, Volker; Maron, Philippe; Liria, Pedro; Mader, Julien
15-Dec-2021HFR-PLOCAN System ReportsSolabarrieta, Lohitzune; Rubio, Anna; Corgnati, Lorenzo;; Reyes, Emma; Mantovani, Carlo; Mader, Julien