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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Key issues for a transboundary and ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning in the Bay of BiscayPinarbasi, Kemal; Galparsoro, Ibon; Alloncle, Neil; Quemmerais, Frederic; Borja, Angel
2021Sustainability situations for the southern Gulf of Mexico seafloor, based on environmental, benthic, and socioeconomic indicatorsSantibanez-Aguascalientes, Norma A.; Borja, Angel; Ardisson, Pedro-Luis
2020Managing marine resources sustainably: A proposed integrated systems analysis approachElliott, Michael; Borja, Angel; Cormier, Roland
2016Restoring fish ecological quality in estuaries: Implication of interactive and cumulative effects among anthropogenic stressorsTeichert, Nils; Borja, Angel; Chust, Guillem; Uriarte, Ainhize; Lepage, Mario
2021Defining Cost-Effective Solutions in Designing Marine Protected Areas, Using Systematic Conservation PlanningGalparsoro, Ibon; Borja, Angel
2021Estimated footprint of shellfishing activities in Zostera noltei meadows in a northern Spain estuary: Lessons for managementMikel Garmendia, Joxe; Valle, Mireia; Borja, Angel; Chust, Guillem; German Rodriguez, Jose; Franco, Javier
2020Activity-footprints, pressures-footprints and effects-footprints - Walking the pathway to determining and managing human impacts in the seaElliott, Michael; Borja, Angel; Cormier, Roland
2020Past and Future Grand Challenges in Marine Ecosystem EcologyBorja, Angel; Andersen, Jesper H.; Arvanitidis, Christos D. and Basset, Alberto; Buhl-Mortensen, Lene; Carvalho, Susana and Dafforn, Katherine A.; Devlin, Michelle J.; Escobar-Briones, Elva G.; Grenz, Christian; Harder, Tilmann; Katsanevakis, Stelios and Liu, Dongyan; Metaxas, Anna; Moran, Xose Anxelu G.; Newton, Alice; Piroddi, Chiara; Pochon, Xavier; Queiros, Ana M. and Snelgrove, Paul V. R.; Solidoro, Cosimo; John, Michael A. and Teixeira, Heliana
2021Knowledge architecture for the wise governance of sustainability transitionsOliver, Tom H.; Benini, Lorenzo; Borja, Angel; Dupont, Claire and Doherty, Bob; Grodzinska-Jurczak, Malgorzata; Iglesias, Ana and Jordan, Andrew; Kass, Gary; Lung, Tobias; Maguire, Cathy and McGonigle, Dan; Mickwitz, Per; Spangenberg, Joachim H. and Tarrason, Leonor
2020Translational Molecular Ecology in practice: Linking DNA-based methods to actionable marine environmental managementAylagas, Eva; Borja, Angel; Pochon, Xavier; Zaiko, Anastasija and Keeley, Nigel; Bruce, Kat; Hong, Peiying; Ruiz, Gregory M. and Stein, Eric D.; Theroux, Susanna; Geraldi, Nathan; Ortega, Alejandra; Gajdzik, Laura; Coker, Darren J.; Katan, Yasser and Hikmawan, Tyas; Saleem, Ammar; Alamer, Sultan; Jones, Burton H. and Duarte, Carlos M.; Pearman, John; Carvalho, Susana