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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The value of time-series data for conservation planningGarcia-Baron, Isabel; Giakoumi, Sylvaine; Begona Santos, Maria and Granado, Igor; Louzao, Maite
2020Spatio-temporal patterns of northern gannet abundance in a migratory and wintering areaLouzao, Maite; Fernandez-Martin, Pilar; Weidberg, Nicolas and Begona Santos, M.; Gonzalez-Quiros, Rafael
2020Including ecosystem descriptors in current fishery data collection programmes to advance towards a holistic monitoring: Seabird abundance attending demersal trawlersLouzao, Maite; Ruiz, Jon; Oyarzabal, Inaki; Basterretxea, Mikel and Pedrajas, Arkaitz; Mugerza, Arnaitz; Krug, Inigo; Cotano, Unai; Mugerza, Estanis; Zarauz, Lucia; Santurtun, Marina
2016Effects of nature-based tourism and environmental drivers on the demography of a small dolphin populationPerez-Jorge, Sergi; Gomes, Ines; Hayes, Kirsty; Corti, Graham; Genovart, Meritxell; Oro, Daniel; Louzao, Maite
2015Year-round distribution suggests spatial segregation of Cory's shearwaters, based on individual experienceMissagia, Rogerio V.; Ramos, Jaime A.; Louzao, Maite; Delord, Karine; Weimerskirch, Henri; Paiva, Vitor H.
2015Can Static Habitat Protection Encompass Critical Areas for Highly Mobile Marine Top Predators? Insights from Coastal East AfricaPerez-Jorge, Sergi; Pereira, Thalia; Corne, Chloe; Wijtten, Zeno; Omar, Mohamed; Katello, Jillo; Kinyua, Mark; Oro, Daniel; Louzao, Maite
2017Identifying Important Atlantic Areas for the conservation of Balearic shearwaters: Spatial overlap with conservation areasPerez-Roda, Arnparo; Delord, Karine; Boue, Amelie; Arcos, Jose Manuel; Garcia, David; Micol, Thierry; Weimerskirch, Henri; Louzao, Maite; Pinaud, David
2017Estimating the cumulative effects of the nature-based tourism in a coastal dolphin population from southern KenyaPerez-Jorge, Sergi; Louzao, Maite; Oro, Daniel; Pereira, Thalia; Wijtten, Zeno; Gomes, Ines; Wambua, John; Corne, Chloe; Christiansen, Fredrik
2017Surface oceanographic fronts influencing deep-sea biological activity: Using fish stable isotopes as ecological tracersLouzao, Maite; Navarro, Joan; Delgado-Huertas, Antonio; Gil de Sola, Luis; Forero, Manuela G.
2014Migratory marine species: their status, threats and conservation management needsLascelles, Ben; Di Sciara, Giuseppe Notarbartolo; Agardy, Tundi; Eckert, Sara; Glowka, Lyle; Hoyt, Erich; Llewellyn, Fiona; Louzao, Maite; Ridoux, Vincent; Cuttelod, Annabelle