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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Living under stressful conditions: Fish life history strategies across environmental gradients in estuariesTeichert, Nils; Pasquaud, Stephanie; Borja, Angel; Chust, Guillem; Uriarte, Ainhize; Lepage, Mario
2017Effect of trampling and digging from shellfishing on Zostera noltei (Zosteraceae) intertidal seagrass bedsGarmendia, Joxe Mikel; Valle, Mireia; Borja, Angel; Chust, Guillem; Lee, Dae-Jin; German Rodriguez, J.; Franco, Javier
2017Community composition of hard-bottom macroinvertebrates in seven regional seas as measured using traditional and metabarcoding methodsCahill, A. E.; Pearman, J. K.; Borja, Angel; Carugati, L.; Danovaro, R.; Dashfield, S.; David, R.; Feral, J. P.; Olenin, S.; Siaulys, S.; Somerfield, P.; Carvalho, S.
2013Comparing the performance of species distribution models of Zostera marina: Implications for conservationValle, Mireia; van Katwijk, Marieke M.; de Jong, Dick J.; Schipper, Aafke M.; Chust, Guillem; Benito, Blas M.; Garmendia, Joxe M.; Borja, Angel; Bouma, Tjeerd J.
2011Marine biological valuation mapping of the Basque continental shelf (Bay of Biscay), within the context of marine spatial planningPascual, Marta; Borja, Angel; Eede, Sarah Vanden; Deneudt, Klaas; Vincx, Magda; Galparsoro, Ibon; Legorburu, Irati
2013Marine monitoring during an economic crisis: The cure is worse than the diseaseBorja, Angel; Elliott, Mike
2013Setting the maximum ecological potential of benthic communities, to assess ecological status, in heavily morphologically-modified estuarine water bodiesBorja, Angel; Chust, Guillem; del Campo, Andrea; Gonzalez, Manuel; Hernandez, Carlos
2013Spatial distribution and temporal trends of soft-bottom marine benthic alien species collected during the period 1989-2008 in the Nervion estuary (southeastern Bay of Biscay)Zorita, Izaskun; Solaun, Oihana; Borja, Angel; Franco, Javier.; Pascual, Marta; Muxika, Iñigo
2013Assessment and recovery of European water bodies: key messages from the WISER projectHering, Daniel; Borja, Angel; Carvalho, Laurence; Feld, Christian K.
2013Transitional and coastal waters ecological status assessment: advances and challenges resulting from implementing the European Water Framework DirectiveBorja, Angel; Elliott, Mike; Henriksen, Peter; Marba, Nuria