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Title: Sensitivity of indicators matters when using aggregation methods to assess marine environmental status
Authors: Nemati, Haniyeh; Shokri, Mohammad Reza; Ramezanpour, Zohreh and Pour, Gholam Hossein Ebrahimi; Muxika, Inigo; Borja, Angel
Citation: MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 2018, 128, 234-239
Abstract: The sensitivity of the 15 indicators included in a complex aggregation method (Nested Environmental status Assessment Tool), applied to a case study in the Caspian Sea in Iran, has been studied to discriminate between areas impacted and non-impacted by bathing activities. Two methods were used: (i) the 15 indicators were grouped into four groups (physicochemical, bacteria, plankton, and benthos) and each group was investigated separately (one-way sensitivity analysis), calculating NEAT values after omitting each group independently; and (ii) indicators were selected randomly, using 1000 Monte Carlo iterations, and removing from 1 to 14 indicators at each iteration. The results revealed that the abundance of Pontogammarus was the single indicator that made the difference in assessing the status among locations, differentiating bathing and non-bathing areas. Hence, this indicator is regarded as a monitoring element detecting the impacts produced by a management measure (beach nourishment) taken by the authorities to maintain the bathing activity.
Keywords: NEAT; Sensitivity; Indicators; Aggregation method; Caspian Sea; Iran; WATERS
Issue Date: 2018
Type: Article
Language: English
DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2018.01.031
ISSN: 0025-326X
E-ISSN: 1879-3363
Funder: Shahid Beheshti University
AZTI institute
DEVOTES (DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status) project - European Union 7th Framework Programme [308392]
Appears in Publication types:Artículos científicos

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