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Authors: Gaztelumendi, S.; Gonzalez, M.; Egana, J.; Rubio, A.; Gelpi, I. R.; Fontan, A.; Otxoa De Alda, K.; Ferrer, L.; Alchaarani, N.; Mader, J.; Uriarte, Ad.
Citation: THALASSAS, 2010, 26, 151-167
Abstract: In this contribution, the most relevant aspects of the ITSASEUS project are shown. Under this acronym, several works are carried out by the partners (EUVE and AZTI-Tecnalia) in order to implement an operational oceano-meteorological system for providing daily a 72-hour forecast for the Basque Country region and its influence areas. The system combines meteorological, wave and hydrodynamic modelling at several scales together with field observations. The meteorological model used is the MM5 mesoscale model with a nested domains configuration, in which the GFS (Global Forecast System) is used for providing the lateral and initial conditions. The wave and hydrodynamic models used are the Wavewatch-III and ROMS, respectively. Preliminary results are promising and show the forecast subsystems ability to predict oceano-meteorological variables in the Basque Country region.
Keywords: Meteorological modelling; wave modelling; hydrodynamic modelling; operational oceano-meteorology; Bay of Biscay; Basque Country; AIR-SEA FLUXES; BULK PARAMETERIZATION; FORECAST SYSTEM; TROPICAL OCEAN; WAVE MODEL; CIRCULATION; GENERATION; SURFACE; EDDIES; BISCAY
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: UNIV VIGO
Type: Article
Language: English
ISSN: 0212-5919
Funder: Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government
Appears in Publication types:Artículos científicos

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