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Title: Worldwide genetic structure of albacore Thunnus alalunga revealed by microsatellite DNA markers
Authors: Montes, Iratxe; Iriondo, Mikel; Manzano, Carmen; Arrizabalaga, Haritz; Jimenez, Elisa; Angel Pardo, Miguel; Goni, Nicolas; Estonba, Andone; Davies, Carys Ann
Citation: MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES, 2012, 471, 183-U202
Abstract: One of the most common problems in fisheries is the definition of management units. Albacore Thunnus alalunga is an important species for commercial fisheries. Its population structure is still partially unknown; however, on the basis of fisheries data, tagging experiments, and morpho-ecological studies, 6 management units are currently accepted for this species. The main objective of this study was to define genetic entities within T. alalunga and to discuss the appropriateness of current management units. For this purpose, 13 microsatellite loci were applied to 551 albacore samples collected worldwide, and the population genetic structure was assessed. The most relevant differences between management and genetic units were that (1) Atlantic and Indian Ocean samples are genetically indistinguishable, and (2) possible differentiation exists within the Pacific Ocean and also within the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, this study provides genetic information to clarify albacore population delimitation, which is a key factor to reach the demanded sustainable management of this resource.
Issue Date: 2012
Type: Article
Language: English
DOI: 10.3354/meps09991
ISSN: 0171-8630
E-ISSN: 1616-1599
Funder: FOODBASK project [IE10-289-FOODBASKII]
ATM2010Hegaluze project [351BI2009 0047]
ATM2008Bonorte project [ACM2008BONORTE]
Basque Government
Researching Vice-Rectorate of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) [3571/2008]
Appears in Publication types:Artículos científicos

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