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Title: Measuring the adaptability of fleet segments to a fishing ban: the case of the Bay of Biscay anchovy fishery
Authors: Andres, Margarita; Prellezo, Raul
Citation: AQUATIC LIVING RESOURCES, 2012, 25, 205-214
Abstract: While fishing resources available to fishermen are becoming increasingly scarce, management actions that regulate these resources are becoming more restrictive, to such an extent that some fisheries remain closed for years. The anchovy fishery in the Bay of Biscay, which was closed for 5 years, from 2005 to 2009, is one of the most important sources of revenue for the Basque pelagic purse-seiner fleet. Throughout the course of this closure the fleet was forced to find alternative revenue streams. In the present study, the fishing alternatives were analysed before and during the anchovy fishery closure, defining an adaptability indicator to measure the ability of the fleet to cope with fisheries closures. Four differently-behaved segments were found within the purse-seiner fleet. Only one of these segments managed to maintain the same level of turnover during the anchovy closure, while the others could not reach a minimum level of adaptability. Compensation of the fishery closure through financial aid was studied, analysing the impact that public aid had on the profit of each segment and on the adaptability indicator.
Keywords: Anchovy fishery closure; Cluster analysis; Fleet segments; Adaptability; Engraulis encrasicolus; Atlantic Ocean; ENGRAULIS-ENCRASICOLUS FISHERY; DYNAMIC-MODEL; MANAGEMENT; UNCERTAINTY; BEHAVIOR; LESSONS; CLOSURE; CATCH; TUNA
Issue Date: 2012
Type: Article
Language: English
DOI: 10.1051/alr/2012018
ISSN: 0990-7440
Funder: Basque Ministry for Fisheries and Agriculture
Spanish Ministry for Fisheries and Agriculture
European Fisheries Fund
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