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Title: Total RNA sequencing reveals multilevel microbial community changes and functional responses to wood ash application in agricultural and forest soil
Authors: Bang-Andreasen, Toke; Anwar, Muhammad Zohaib; Lanzen, Anders and Kjoller, Rasmus; Ronn, Regin; Ekelund, Flemming; Jacobsen, Carsten Suhr
Abstract: Recycling of wood ash from energy production may counteract soil acidification and return essential nutrients to soils. However, wood ash amendment affects soil physicochemical parameters that control composition and functional expression of the soil microbial community. Here, we applied total RNA sequencing to simultaneously assess the impact of wood ash amendment on the active soil microbial communities and the expression of functional genes from all microbial taxa. Wood ash significantly affected the taxonomic (rRNA) as well as functional (mRNA) profiles of both agricultural and forest soil. Increase in pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved organic carbon and phosphate were the most important physicochemical drivers for the observed changes. Wood ash amendment increased the relative abundance of the copiotrophic groups Chitinonophagaceae (Bacteroidetes) and Rhizobiales (Alphaproteobacteria) and resulted in higher expression of genes involved in metabolism and cell growth. Finally, total RNA sequencing allowed us to show that some groups of bacterial feeding protozoa increased concomitantly to the enhanced bacterial growth, which shows their pivotal role in the regulation of bacterial abundance in soil.
Keywords: metatranscriptomics; total RNA; wood ash; biodiversity; soil biota; protozoa; BACTERIAL COMMUNITIES; GEN. NOV.; NUTRIENT-UPTAKE; PH; FUNGAL; GROWTH; FERTILIZATION; DIVERSITY; PROTOZOA; RESPIRATION
Issue Date: 2020
Type: Article
DOI: 10.1093/femsec/fiaa016
ISSN: 0168-6496
E-ISSN: 1574-6941
Funder: `Center for Bioenergy Recycling (ASHBACK)' project
Danish Council for Strategic ResearchDanske Strategiske Forskningsrad (DSF) [0603-00587B]
Danish Geocenter [5298507]
Juan de la Cierva scholarship from the Spanish Government [FJCI-2014-19572]
European UnionEuropean Commission [675546]
Danish Council for Independent ResearchDet Frie Forskningsrad (DFF) [DFF-4002-00274]
Appears in Publication types:Artículos científicos

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