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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Long-term decline of the canopy-forming algae Gelidium corneum, associated to extreme wave events and reduced sunlight hours, in the southeastern Bay of BiscayBorja, Angel; Chust, Guillem; Fontan, Almudena; Garmendia, Joxe Mikel; Uyarra, Maria C.
2016Ocean literacy: a `new' socio-ecological concept for a sustainable use of the seasUyarra, Maria C.; Borja, Angel
2017Quantitative criteria for choosing targets and indicators for sustainable use of ecosystemsRossberg, Axel G.; Uusitalo, Laura; Berg, Torsten; Zaiko, Anastasija; Chenuil, Anne; Uyarra, Maria C.; Borja, Angel; Lynam, Christopher P.
2013Good Environmental Status of marine ecosystems: What is it and how do we know when we have attained it?Borja, Angel; Elliott, Mike; Andersen, Jesper H.; Cardoso, Ana C.; Carstensen, Jacob; Ferreira, Joao G.; Heiskanen, Anna-Stiina; Marques, Joao C.; Neto, Joao M.; Teixeira, Heliana; Uyarra, Maria C.; Zampoukas, Nikolaos; Uusitalo, Laura
2018The recovery of estuarine quality and the perceived increase of cultural ecosystem services by beach users: A case study from northern SpainPouso, Sarai; Uyarra, Maria C.; Borja, Angel
2018Recreational fishers' perceptions and behaviour towards cultural ecosystem services in response to the Nerbioi estuary ecosystem restorationPouso, Sarai; Uyarra, Maria C.; Borja, Angel
2019Lessons from photo analyses of Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures as tools to detect (bio-)geographical, spatial, and environmental effectsDavid, Romain; Uyarra, Maria C.; Carvalho, Susana; Anlauf, Holger; Borja, Angel; Cahill, Abigail E.; Carugati, Laura and Danovaro, Roberto; De Jode, Aurelien; Feral, Jean-Pierre and Guillemain, Dorian; Lo Martire, Marco; D'Avray, Laure Thierry De Ville; Pearman, John K.; Chenuil, Anne
2019The capacity of estuary restoration to enhance ecosystem services: System dynamics modelling to simulate recreational fishing benefitsPouso, Sarai; Borja, Angel; Martin, Juan; Uyarra, Maria C.