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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016South-Eastern Bay of Biscay eddy-induced anomalies and their effect on chlorophyll distributionCaballero, Ainhoa; Rubio, Anna; Ruiz, Simon; Le Cann, Bernard; Mader, Julien; Hernandez, Carlos; Testor, Pierre
2016Skill Assessment of HF Radar-Derived Products for Lagrangian Simulations in the Bay of BiscaySolabarrieta, Lohitzune; Frolov, Sergey; Cook, Mike; Paduan, Jeff; Rubio, Anna; Gonzalez, Manuel; Mader, Julien; Charria, Guillaume
2016Spatial dynamics of juvenile anchovy in the Bay of BiscayBoyra, Guillermo; Pena, Marian; Cotano, Unai; Irigoien, Xabier; Nogueira, Enrique; Rubio, Anna
2015Fishing for floating marine litter in SE Bay of Biscay: Review and feasibility studyBasurko, Oihane C.; Gabina, Gorka; Andres, Marga; Rubio, Anna; Krug, Inigo; Uriarte, Ainhize
2015Probabilistic relationships between wind and surface water circulation patterns in the SE Bay of BiscaySolabarrieta, Lohitzune; Rubio, Anna; Cardenas, Mar; Castanedo, Sonia; Esnaola, Ganix; Mendez, Fernando J.; Medina, Raul; Ferrer, Luis
2014Monitoring of a quasi-stationary eddy in the Bay of Biscay by means of satellite, in situ and model resultsCaballero, Ainhoa; Ferrer, Luis; Rubio, Anna; Charria, Guillaume; Taylor, Benjamin H.; Grima, Nicolas
2014Surface water circulation patterns in the southeastern Bay of Biscay: New evidences from HF radar dataSolabarrieta, Lohitzune; Rubio, Anna; Castanedo, Sonia; Medina, Raul; Charria, Guillaume; Hernandez, Carlos
2013Coastal water circulation response to radiational and gravitational tides within the southeastern Bay of BiscayFontan, Almudena; Saenz, Jon; Gonzalez, Manuel; Rubio, Anna; Mader, Julien; Liria, Pedro; Hernandez, Carlos; Collins, Michael; Esnaola, Ganix; Ganzedo, Unai
2013Surface circulation and Lagrangian transport in the SE Bay of Biscay from HF radar dataRubio, Anna; Solabarrieta, Lohitzune; Gonzalez, Manuel; Mader, Julien; Castanedo, Sonia; Medina, Raul; Charria, Guillaume; Antonio Aranda, Jose
Mar-2020HFR-DeltaEbro System ReportRubio, Anna; Solabarrieta, Lohitzune; Corgnati, Lorenzo; Reyes, Emma; Mantovani, Carlo; Chifflet, Marina; Mader, Julien